Staff Info
  • Calvin Ewell
  • Michael Weaver, Vice President of Operations
  • Doug Buch, Director of Operations
  • Mark Ewell, Dispatch Supervisor, East Earl, PA
  • Larry Parent, Regional Manager, East coast
  • Tom Slanker, Regional Manager, Midwest
  • Ame Rogers, Terminal Manager, Decatur, IL
  • Andy Weaver, Terminal Manager, Dayton, OH
  • April Leisey, Terminal Manager, Cocoa, FL
Sales & Customer Service
  • Steve Ewell, Vice President / Sales
  • Jackie Stump, Sales
  • Doug Bell, Special Projects Manager
  • Joel Hagaman, Chief Financial Officer
  • Susan Haverstick, Controller
  • Abby Finger, Accounts Payable
  • Tracy Huyett, Accounts Receivables
  • Angie Horst, Payroll / Billing
  • Cassidy Bagshaw, Payroll / Billing
  • Tina Trupe, Payroll / Billing
  • Kacey Fillman, Payroll / Billing
Safety & Human Resources
  • John Keagel, Vice President / Safety /Human Resources
  • Karen Rondorf, Driver Relations Coordinator
  • Lou Marcelli, Safety Supervisor
  • Greg McClure, Driver Trainer Supervisor
  • Donnell Jackman, Driver Trainer
  • Scott Ewell, Vice President / Maintenance and Equipment
  • Rick Robinson, Facilities and Tank Wash Manager
  • Ray Schlouch , Shop Foreman
  • James Sanderson, Shop Supervisor
  • Ray Marrero, Tank Wash Supervisor
Profile of an H.R. Ewell truck on a farm